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UltraHealth Initial Fit & Dispense

  • How is the first lens selected?
  • How do I insert the lenses?
  • How long should I let the lenses settle before assessing the fit?
  • How much movement should I expect to see?
  • Do I need to use fluorescein to assess the fit?
  • How do I fit the skirt?
  • How do I find final lens power?
  • Should I recommend a wear schedule?
  • What solutions are recommended for use with UltraHealth lenses?

UltraHealth Follow-Up Visit

  • What am I looking for at the follow-up visit?
  • What do I do if the patient reports discomfort at follow-up?
  • What do I do if vision is unacceptable at follow-up?
  • What do I do if my patient reports filming or fogging on the lens surface?

UltraHealth Lenses