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SynergEyes A, KC, PS, MF

SynergEyes offers a family of hybrid contact lenses for normal and irregular corneas patients. Your eye care practitioner will be able to tell you whether one of these designs – SynergEyes® A, SynergEyes® MF SynergEyes® KC, or SynergEyes® PS – is right for you.

SynergEyes-A-Lens-logo_plainSynergEyes® A was SynergEyes’ first hybrid contact lens with FDA-clearance specifically designed for patients with high astigmatism, mildly irregular corneas, or in the early stages of keratoconus. SynergEyes A offers patented hybrid technology–allowing crisp, clear vision with the comfort of a soft lens.

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SynergEyes-MF-lens-logo_bigSynergEyes MF was the first SynergEyes hybrid contact lens that offered multifocal optics.  The GP optics provided both near and distance vision all in one lens.

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 SynergEyes-KC-logoSynergEyes® KC was the first hybrid contact lens with FDA-clearance specifically designed for patients with keratoconus. SynergEyes KC offers the benefits of hybrid technology–allowing you to live a productive life with consistent, healthy vision you can count on.

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SynergEyes-PS-logoSynergEyes® PS, is a hybrid contact that offers vision correction after having surgery. SynergEyes PS includes SynergEyes’ the patented hybrid technology–allowing you to enjoy all-day comfort and predictable clear vision.

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LensTwinTumble121_smSynergEyes patented hybrid lens technology combines the best of both worlds – the crisp, clear vision of a rigid GP lens and the all-day comfort of a soft lens.

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“I love these lenses; they have opened a new world of seeing”

Sandy F. (Pittsburgh, PA)