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Duette Progressive

“I’ve been wearing Duette Progressive and have experienced phenomenal vision, especially at near, with good comfort. My patients are enjoying the same positive outcomes as well.” – Don Teig, OD, FAAO

“I am so impressed by the comfort and clarity of vision that Duette Progressive provides. I’m also thrilled to be able to see up close without reading glasses!”

“As a previous soft lens wearer, I didn’t expect Duette Progressive to be so comfortable. What a nice surprise! I’m also loving the clear, consistent vision that I never got from my soft toric lenses.”

“I love my Duette Progressive lenses! My near vision is excellent and I’m not constantly reaching for my reading glasses anymore!”


“I am beyond words on how much I truly love these lenses. I have tried multiple soft toric lenses in the past but could never tolerate them. I contemplated surgery but thought I’d try contacts one more time. I started with a pair of soft lenses and was pleased to find that I could finally tolerate the feel of the lenses. The issue I had was that I would lose vision for several minutes at a time. As a trauma surgery RN and Air National Guard nurse, good clear vision is a must. Ironically, on day 2 of wearing my Duette lenses, I had to assist in a severe head trauma surgery which required nearly 4 hours of attention and very delicate work. I am pleased to say that not once did my eyes lose focus and at that moment I was sold on the Duette lens! Thanks for such an outstanding product.”

“The comfort of soft lenses and the clarity of gas permeable lenses.  The best of both worlds.”

“I love my Duette Lenses.  I feel like I am not even wearing contacts!”

“Vision so crisp and clear, I forget I am wearing them.”

“Crisp, clear vision and comfortable lenses. Better than soft lenses.”

“Very comfortable and my vision is consistently clear.”

“The most comfortable contact lenses I have ever worn. Simple to clean and apply.”

“As a college student with astigmatism, I was having problems seeing clearly in enough time to read the slides before my teachers changed them. I immediately fell in love with my Duette  lenses as soon as I put them on. Being able to see everything clearly and without waiting for my vision to stabilize was a great benefit to me. I don’t think my vision has ever been this clear!”

“Having worn gas permeable contacts for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Duette is the most comfortable lens I have ever worn! My vision is as precise as wearing RGP lenses, but it almost feels like I have no lenses in at all. I recently spent a day at the beach where it was windy. With my old lenses, I would have been very uncomfortable. The Duette lenses were comfortable all day!”

“When I put my new lens in, I said ‘WOW’ out loud.  I don’t remember ever seeing this clear.”

“I suffer from extremely dry eyes and also am very nearsighted. I used to have to wear sunglasses with gaskets just to go outside because dust would blow in my eyes and cause constant pain. Glasses don’t correct my vision well enough, and I had to use eye drops several times a day to keep my gas-perm contacts comfortable. These problems went away when I switched to Duette lenses. I can hike and ride my bike again, and my eyes don’t hurt. I am so thankful for the new lenses! Thanks!”

“I have struggled for years with my contacts and the comfort. I thought I would just have to live with the issues I was experiencing. After putting Duette lenses in for the first time, I was ecstatic with the clarity and comfort.  I can’t express how grateful I am that I didn’t allow my frustration with contacts to hold me back from trying these lenses. I am extremely happy with them. Happy that I don’t dread putting my contacts in everyday!!! Thank you!!!

“After wearing hard contact lenses for more than 25 years, I wanted to switch to a soft lens. Duette lenses offers me a combination of hard and soft that provides clarity of vision and comfort all in one.  Love them!

“After wearing both rigid and soft lenses, Duette lenses provides me with both the comfort of a soft lens and the vision quality of a rigid lens. I have astigmatism and have battled with poor vision from toric lenses and discomfort with rigid lenses.  I am so excited and relieved that I can achieve clear vision and be comfortable at the same time.”

“I had difficulty keeping my soft lenses properly aligned for my astigmatism — I tried several different brands and they always rotated out of place.  With Duette lenses I no longer have this problem — they work great!”

“Being a physician and soft contact lens wearer for years, I want to say that Duette lenses has improved my vision.”

Duette Multifocal

“I started wearing contacts 20 years ago because I’m very active in sports and at work, and I’m just not comfortable in glasses.  Some people look good in glasses; I am not one of them!

When Lasik became popular, I had the procedure done and was happy not to worry about contacts… at least for a few years.

As with most aging adults, my eyesight changed over time and it was necessary to go back into contacts.  My eyecare provider tried many different brands of soft multifocal contact lenses. When my distance vision was adequate, I had to be within 12 inches of my computer screen or iPad.  When my reading vision was corrected, I couldn’t read a street sign further than 50 feet away.

I then learned about Duette Multifocal lenses. The first time I tried them it was like the first day after Lasik surgery!  My vision was incredible!  These contacts have changed my life….I can continue my sports activities without glasses and see clearly for all of my other day-to-day activities.” – Dave, Duette Multifocal Wearer

“I am a 50 year old working mom, model and entrepreneur. I starting wearing glasses to correct my astigmatism when I hit 2nd grade. I transitioned out of glasses to hard contacts at age 20 when I began a modeling career. As the years went by and contacts transitioned to soft lenses, I gave them a try but the vision that they provided was definitely inferior. Now at 50 years old, my business has me constantly reading film, contracts and other types of small print. I had been wearing no-line bifocal glasses but could not get comfortable with the equilibrium change that comes with looking up or down according to my visual needs. My optometrist suggested that I try Duette Multifocal contact lenses. I’ll admit that I was skeptical, but from the moment I put them on, I was sold! Anyone with an active lifestyle will appreciate being able to see at all distances without having to carry around reading glasses or get accustomed to bifocal glasses.” – Cynthia, Duette Multifocal Wearer

“Patients are getting 20/20 vision at all ranges: distance, near, and intermediate without that annoying haze or blur you get from other bifocal contact lenses. They rave about the all-day comfort as well.” – Dr. Travis Zigler, Duette Multifocal Prescriber

”Duette Multifocal contact lenses provide the best quality of optics available for multifocals.” – Dr. Randy Fuerst, Duette Multifocal Prescriber

“I’m amazed at how fast and easy the fitting process is.  I’m excited about the lens and to have something new to offer my patients. Finally, I have a multifocal that I feel will really work for a majority of presbyopes.” – Dr. Blake Thornhill, Duette Multifocal Prescriber

“I don’t know of any lens currently on the market that would provide me or my patients with better vision or comfort than the Duette Multifocal and can’t see myself wearing any other lens.” – Dr. Clark Jensen, Duette Multifocal Wearer & Prescriber

“The Duette Multifocal Lens is possibly the closest lens to resemble progressive glasses than any other contact lens on the market.  It truly gives a multiple range of clear vision at all distances.  In addition to the excellent vision, the Duette silicone soft skirt provides excellent eye health and comfort. I highly recommend this lens for my presbyopic patients.” – Dr. Alan Berman, Duette Multifocal Prescriber